How It Works

accuTRADEZ is a securities trading platform owned and operated by American Estate & Trust. You will need to open an account, online, with American Estate & Trust. Once your account is opened, you will be able to setup a online brokerage account.

The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Open a custodial account for your IRA, 401k, or personal account. Click here for online application

Step 2: You will need to login to your account. Your credentials will be emailed to you. You will need to make sure that you have uploaded a government issued photo ID in step 1. If not, you can do so after login.

Step 3: Fund your account from personal funds or from another custodian.
Click here to learn more about funding your account.

Step 4: Click on the “Create Brokerage Account” link in your account menu options.

Step 5: Confirm all of your account information, and finalize.

Support: If you have questions or problems with your account setup, contact our support team at 1-866-654-6111 or go online for a chat session, or email

Brokerage Services provided by Third Party Trade LLC, Member FINRA & SIPC.
Third Party Trade LLC is a subsidiary of Third Party Technologies Inc.

Flat Monthly Fee

We charge a simple monthly fee of $19.95 per month for brokerage accounts. Your trade volume does not change your monthly fee1.

Brokerage accounts with no assets, will be closed and no fee will be charged for the account2.

Any assets held in your American Estate & Trust account will be subject to a separate account fee.

1 Some trades may incur additional charges depending on the security being purchased.
2 Fees are assessed as of the first of the month. Any account closure that occurs during a month, will not be refunded a fee, nor are fees prorated. The transfer of funds between your AET account and your brokerage account may incur fees related to wires or ACH fees.

Funding Account

Option 1: Current account holder with AET with funds.
If you already have funds in an AET account, then you need to login. There will be an option for Transfer Funds. Click on that option. You will see several funds transfer type. Click on the “To accuTRADEZ”. This will then allow you to specify a dollar amount to transfer. You will need to confirm the amount. Funds should be in the accuTRADEZ account in 1-2 business days1. You will receive notification when the funds are available for trading.

Option 2: Setting up a new account.
If you have funds at an existing brokerage firm that you want to transfer, you will need to create a transfer request to move those funds to American Estate & Trust. This is done by completing a transfer request form that we submit to your current custodian. Transfer requests generally need to be original, hard copies. Click here for a Transfer Request form. Contact you current custodian for their transfer requirements. When your funds arrive you will receive email notification. You will then need to follow the Option 1 instructions for funding the brokerage account. If you need help with your transfer please contact our Transfer Group at 1-866-654-6111 or email or go to the contact page for further instructions.

1 Business days do not include weekends, Federal banking holiday.

About AccuTradez

American Estate & Trust, LC (AET) is a licensed trust company registered under the banking laws of the State of Nevada. We specialize in providing custodial services for self directed IRAs, self directed 401ks, and personal account.

The accuTRADEZ platform is a online securities trading platform owned and operated by AET. The accuTRADEZ platform allows our custodial accounts to invest in traditional asset classes along with their non-traditional assets via their self directed retirement or personal accounts.

We do not offer any investment, financial planning or tax advice. All investments are made at your sole discretion and direction. We will facilitate those transaction requests via our platforms.

Brokerage Services provided by Third Party Trade LLC, Member FINRA & SIPC.
Third Party Trade LLC is a subsidiary of Third Party Technologies Inc.

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